Monday, August 31, 2015

Mowing Techniques for a Perfectly Trimmed Lawn

Trimmed Lawn
Trimmed Lawn

Mowing the lawn is not always the easy job that you might think it will be. If you think the hard part is switching on the machine, then you have a lot to learn about keeping the lawn trim. Having said this, however, providing you follow a few easy tips, you will notice a big difference and find that doing the job properly and to a high standard is not the daunting prospect that you were concerned about. Before actually setting up the mower it is important to make sure the surface is clear and there are no stones that could damage the mower.

Cutting on a Regular Basis

It can be tempting to leave the grass for a while before mowing it, but that is not going to be doing you or the lawn any favors. If you want to have a good looking lawn that is also in good condition, then you should be aiming to mow it at least once a week. If you leave it much longer, it may be harder for you to mow and you will also find that the lawn does not look too healthy. Mowing the lawn will actually stimulate the grass to grow, so you will always have fairly new grass on show. If there is a period when there is little rain and you fear you are facing a drought, leave the mowing for a little while. If you do mow when it is too dry, you will only end up stressing the lawn and it will be hard to get it back to its former standard.

Trimming to the Right Height

Whenever you undertake a mowing session, you should be looking to take about a third of the blade away. This can however be changed depending upon the type of grass that you have growing. There are some that are going to look better if they are left a little longer and others need to be taken down a little bit more. It is also worth noting how quickly the grass grows as you could be following the wrong rules for the wrong lawns. Getting the height right is easy as it is simply a matter of changing the height at which the mower will mow. Whatever type of grass there is, it is best to remember that it will be better to leave the grass at a longer length than go too far and leave little grass behind. Longer grass will fare better needing a cut than it will if there is little left.

Maintain the Blades

The mower is the most important part of the procedure and it is for this reason that looking after the blades is going to be the difference between a stunning lawn and a threadbare mess that looks as if it is in need of a lot of TLC. If the blades are not keep sharp enough, they will not be able to perform well and the big risk is that they will tear at the grass. In order to have a good, healthy lawn, there needs to be a blade that will clip the blades of grass rather than drag at them and even risk pulling the roots out of the ground. As well as looking a mess, the lawn can become damaged and diseases can bed in.  It will be worth-while testing the blades every time you mow the lawn and while it is unlikely they will need to be sharpened every time, it could be that every other session will be the correct timescale for sharpening. You should soon learn to notice when the blades are ready to be sharpened as the cut will not look as good as it has in the past.

Change Direction

It is important that you mow in straight lines as other ways will lead to an irregular design and may even cause certain areas to suffer. These areas will begin to look worn and that will be hard to correct once the problem is set in. It does not mean that you cannot change direction while you are mowing, but just that once you have changed direction, you keep mowing that direction in a straight line.


In order to have a perfectly mowed lawn, you only have to remember a few things. After the mowing there will need to be a little extra work that will include a strimmer. Even the grass that is near to trees needs to be well looked after and when the last of the grass has been removed you can admire perfectly mowed lawn.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Repair a Toro Self Propelled Lawn Mower

There are many brands that produce high quality self propelled lawn mowers. One of these is Toro. Although its mowers’ quality and craftsmanship are above reproach, Toro lawn mowers can get faulty. Even a mower from any other renowned brand can develop some technical hiccups and refuse to work properly. It could jam when it is time to climb a slope. The cable could wear out and cut without you noticing it. The machine’s engine could one day decide not to start at all, or it could start and shut down after a few minutes. A problematic lawn mower is something that most people would rather not keep. But it would be foolish to stop using your mower just because of a few technical faults. Simply have your Toro mower examined or do-it-yourself.


How to DIY your Toro self propelled lawn mower

A mower won’t self-propel

· As soon as you notice that there is a problem, park your lawn mower on a flat surface. Then shut it down and start troubleshooting.

· The first area to be suspected should be the drive cable. So the first thing to do is to spot the drive cable support bracket. This feature is on the handle, next to the deck.

· If you indeed sense there is a problem here, turn the cable support nut counterclockwise. Use a spanner/wrench to loosen the nut. As soon as the nut is loosened the cable will be loose as well.

· Now pull the cable down to the mower’s deck using your bare hand until it is taut. Then turn the cable support nut clockwise using your adjustable wrench. This will secure the cable back in the place where it was made to stay.

· Now turn on your Toro lawn mower again. Watch how it is driving itself. If the equipment cannot self-propel still, you should repeat these steps again.

Mower won’t go up a slope

The gas self propelled lawn mower will normally slow down, splutter or shut down all by itself when climbing a slope. The reason for this is the position of the gas tank in these models. When climbing a slope, the gas in the tank may slant backward or forward, interfering with the flow to the motor. These sudden cuts in gas supply may cause shortage in the motor and so the machine might shut down. The solution is always filling the tank with gas.

Cable is cut

When the cable is not loose it is broken or in dire need of replacement. The cable is usually attached to handle and runs all the way to the transmission. Because of where it is placed, the cable is exposed to a risk of breaking, stretching or wearing out. If you find any signs of wear and tear, simple get a replacement cable. They are sold online. When you get the cable, simply hook one side to the handle and the other end to the transmission. Then turn on your machine again.

What if the mower is running poorly or it isn’t working?

The first thing you must do is check if there is trapped grass clippings and trash in the transmission and motor sections. If you find that these parts are clogged up, remove the casing placed over the transmission. Clean up any grass clippings and dirt that you will find here. If you are using a gas self-propeller, there could be an issue with the oil filter or the spark plug. After you clean your spark plug, turn the equipment on. If it behaves the same way, go and replace the spark plug. Ensure that you install the new one perfectly. Do the same thing if the oil filter is dirty and damaged and needs immediate replacement.

Your Toro is loosing speed

The most common cause of this is the drive belt, which is in the motor casing. If this system becomes damaged or loose, the lawn mower could lose speed. Replace your drive belt if it shows signs of damage.


Repairing your Toro mower does not have to be difficult, as you have seen all through this article. You could do it very easily if you are determined and ready to seek useful information online best toro self propelled lawn mower